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Coins for Books Campaign
The Leslie Thomas Library is having a competition to see which homeroom can raise the most spare change for the library. All proceeds will go to buy new books for the library. Bring your spare change to your homeroom and the class that raises the most will win a pizza party.




Library Books and Dances

We encourage our students to borrow and enjoy our library book collection. In return we ask that students be responsible for returning borrowed books without damages, so our library stays full of great books for all our students to enjoy.
Students with overdue library books will not be allowed to attend school dances unless their library book is returned, or in the case of a lost book, paid for. The replacement cost is $15. Students are responsible for school assigned or borrowed books.
Prior to the dance
We want to encourage students to return overdue books prior to the dance date. As an incentive for those who have lost a book, one week prior to the dance, students may pay a $10 replacement cost. This will continue up to 1 day prior to the dance. In some cases, a book may be paid for and then found. A refund in this case will be given only up to one day prior to the dance. After this time, once a book is paid for, it is yours to keep.
Please encourage your children to find and return their books to enjoy our great library and school dances.



Want to Host an International Student?

The Nova Scotia International Student Program (NSISP) and the HRSB are looking for families interested in learning more about the unique experience of hosting an international student. Click here for more information.



55% of the Yearbooks Have Been Sold

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Cafeteria Services

are available at LT this year.
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